Kiwi Pycon 2011 Day 2 28 Aug 2011

Another day at Kiwi Pycon. Not as funny as the day before but sweet as.

Today's talks started with a talk about when to use Relational Databases v.s Non Relational Database. Basically what Mark Ramm was talking about is that you should find the best solution for your applications needs. Also he talked about the importance of know the tools or libraries that you are using.

I'm not a big python programmer myself so I went to the Django for noobs talk by Jen Zajac from Catalyst IT. She explained the basic principals and design aspects that Django has. Which made me think I have to write a web app in Python and see how it goes.

Grant Paton-Simpson did a really interesting talking about open-source business models. He did make a good point that having a popular application is not necessarily going to make big money.

This talk was the best one of the day because it had a robot. Jeremy Stott talked about a python implementation for micro controllers call Pymite. So rather than just writing C code you embed the native C code in the Python doc strings.Check it out on google code:

Aurynn Shaw's talk about async and event based programming in python using twisted left my brain twisted and confused. The power you can get from doing async programming is huge and it allows for some much scalability in your apps. But the code was just wwwoooooooo hardcore. So if your reading a you with twisted, you are crazy and a legend for putting with it.

Dave Kujawski from Weta talked about how they use Python as the "glue" that hold their big and complex system together.

And yet again another talk from Mark Ramm but this time it was about how python took over Sourceforge. Now I have a couple of old dead projects on sourceforge and I did not know that it was a python application until today.

One thing I have learnt this weekend is that Python is even more awesome than what I did before. And one more thing never and I mean never mention PHP at a python conference, not a good idea as some people found out.

A big thanks to the New Zealand Python User Group for putting on such a good conference.

Happy Coding Laters

P.S. Write some Python it will do you a world of good.